Compliance Calendar '17-18 Schedule

Insights by Numer

Compiled by 3one4 Capital

Your compliances for FY17-18

Compliance is a pain. The laws are opaque enough to trip the best of founding teams that have dedicated their lives to perfecting their craft. At 3one4, we've seen the stress and anguish founders go through while complying with the law. So we decided to do something about it.

With the folks at Numer, an application that aims at automating your accounting, we've put together a list of dates you need to look out for during FY 17-18 for a bunch of of Indian specific laws. While this isn't an exhaustive or event based list, it's a start in a direction that will help all of us stay on top of our compliance requirements.

We hope this list gives you some peace of mind. We've now updated the list to include the initial set of dates for GST! While the dates around GST are still uncertain and very fuzzy in many aspects, we recommend you to consult your professional advisers for more specific matters. And remember, even Santa Claus would worry about paying GST! (Well, he wouldn't care about Excise anymore...)

We’re going to keep releasing several such tools as we build them out. If you’d like to hear from us and get early access to more such releases, sign up for our newsletter here.

Check out our post on how to use this page here or if you are the sort of person whose work hours are driven by the calendar, we have a Google Calendar version that you can subscribe to.

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